Financial Aid > Tuition


Effective March 30, 2020 the following quarterly tuition charges will apply to all new and returning:

4 Quarter Hours – $1,150
8 Quarter Hours – $2,200
12 - 20 Quarter Hours – $3,200

There is an additional $50 charge per quarter for those students carrying more than 20 quarter hours.

Online classes require an additional fee of up to $175 per class. Students enrolled in 12 quarter credit hours at night may take two online classes without any additional fees to take advantage of the same class pricing and to graduate in 18 months.

The Medical Assisting and Medical Coding programs require an additional certification testing fee during their capstone courses.
NHA Medical Assisting Certification fee: $166.00 
AAPC Medical Coding Certification fee: $595.00 
These dues are set by outside agencies and are subject to change without prior notice.

One set of required instructional materials is provided to students, the first time they take a class at no additional charge. Shipping fees for students taking online courses will be at the students’ expense.

Quarterly tuition charges not covered by available financial aid programs or outside agencies may be paid in monthly installments.

If a student withdraws from school, the tuition charge is computed for the exact enrollment period as determined by the last date of attendance through 60% of the quarter. Any credit balance remaining after the determination of the withdrawal date will be returned as mandated by the Department of Education. Federal financial aid funds are returned based on the Department of Education’s Return of Title IV Funds formula.

Tuition adjustments for the dropping of individual classes will not be made after the second week of each quarter.

In order to schedule classes for the upcoming term, students cannot have a balance of $500 or greater. If they have a balance of $500 or greater, they must first pay the balance down before they will be allowed to schedule. 

For more information, contact the Financial Aid Office directly by visiting on campus or calling 304-697-7550.